"No one has ever entered the dark forest and lived to tell of what lies beyond. Beware stranger, this journey will unveil perils you can't imagine!"
REGIONS Lead your party across deserted wastelands and rich valleys

Your imagination cannot be contained within quarters, squares and city walls? Take your group of heros out on a journey across enigmatic regions with diverse landscapes, geographical phenomena and fiercely contested political boundaries!

Clever coding for boundless creation
Vector-based drawing enables you to manipulate landmasses to an unprecedented extent: Select, move or resize landmasses without losing quality on the graphics. Add, subtract or even combine landmasses to create unique regions. Never before was composing original regions and landmasses easier and more intuitive. By cleverly balancing functionality and harmonic composition, the DUNGEONFOG core mechanics offer the perfect fusion of practical application and elegant design.

Stock your regions with as much detail as you want
Whether you have a highly specific idea for a region in your head, down to the tiniest pond in a dark primeval jungle, or you just want to roughly map out the spatial relations between different settlements - PROJECT DEIOS provides quick and useful tools for your needs.

Biomes are quickly allocated with an intuitive brush tool that renders different forms of vegetations, geographical formations and landscapes effortlessly and elegantly.

Instead of stamping every object, make use of our dynamic biome tools to effortlessly create forests, swamps, hills or other landscapes on your map. Every biome stays editable, so can always revisit those areas and change them on the fly.

When we decided to expand our toolset beyond cities to regions, we wanted to make sure that we paid close attention to the needs of map artists to provide a unique and appealing style.

We invited Mark Bowen, the creative mastermind behind Blue Sword Games, to help us not only with asset artwork, but also with understanding the creative processes behind the creation of region maps.

With PROJECT DEIOS, you will have access to a base setting for fantasy assets that will include more than 200 assets for biomes like:

  • Mountains/Hills
  • Cliffs
  • Grassland
  • Desert
  • Swamp
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Ash & Volcanoes
  • Ice
Since the monthly DUNGEONFOG prop packs enjoy high popularity, we will continue to develop new textures, settings and props regularly.

The next clue to unlock another part of PROJECT DEIOS will be revealed on June 10th. Learn more about the endless possibilities available due to the unique PROJECT DEIOS way of map creation.