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The next lock has been broken!
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Are you a gamemaster who enjoys building inspired maps for your RPG party?

Are you a creative storyteller who loves to cook up thrilling adventures for your friends?

Our experience with the DUNGEONFOG authoring tool proved that we can create an authoring system that makes the mapping process effortless, quick and interconnected. But for us, this is just the beginning.

Now, we want to take the next step: We believe that we can help gamemasters and storytellers bring their imagination to life.

PROJECT DEIOS is our vision and we want to share it with you!

So come closer friend, take a seat...
and let me tell you a story!

We are not alone
To create something without boundaries, it is vital to confront our own limitations. Therefore, we teamed up with some of the brightest storytelling, RPG and game master minds:

Janet and Dimitris from World Anvil are experts in worldbuilding and storytelling, and know what it takes to create a coherent masterpiece.

Guy Sclanders from The Great GM is an expert in creating and leading truly enthralling RPG adventures.

Mark, a.k.a. Caeora from Blue Sword Games, brings his incredible craft and artistic expertise into the colorful mix.

Our goal is to offer a system that grows in detail over time. At its core, it offers an easy way to create worlds and filling them with details as small as individual props in battle maps, always drawing unbreakable links between objects and the place they are placed in.

"Listen friend: We have come far, but there are many secrets yet to be revealed. Those secrets are well-guarded and it might take me some time* to uncover them. But you can help!"
"Never will I forget the sound, the smell, and the looks of the town that I once called home. Come friend, let me show you where I was raised."

Many poets tried to describe my home town. But there was one poet, a Great Master of words, who came up with a unique word that captures its soul:

"No one has ever entered the dark forest and lived to tell of what lies beyond. Beware stranger, this journey will unveil perils you can't imagine!"

Legend says that deep in the forest lies a cave, guarded by a warden wielding a Blue Sword.
Only the correct passphrase will grant us entrance:

"I considered myself a traveller. Surveying the endless lands beneath, I realize I’ve barely left home."

The lofty mountain we scaled is known as "World's Anvil", where the gods whisper only to those, who utter the ancient pledge:

"Ancient tales warned me of the dangers beyond the flickering portal. Never had I dreamt of the wonders - and terrors - awaiting me."

The portal permits entry to those who can solve the riddle unfolding in the summoning circle. Decode the message:

"It was not the hidden treasures I unearthed, nor the forgotten secrets I unveiled - it was the companionship of my fellow wanderers that made my journey unforgettable."

We have come far!
To continue we need to find truth in the music of life, in the melody of the birds. Listen, friend - can you hear their song?

"There's much to take in when you roam beyond known lands. It takes a brave heart to let go of preconceived boundaries."

Here, take a look at my journal. Every place I visit has its own character. Only after travelling far can I see the greater scheme of creation connecting them all.

"A journey lies ahead - an unforgettable quest... and I ask you, friend, to take my hand and join my exploration. Together we can achieve the unthinkable!"

The future might be written in the stars - let’s reach for them together!

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