"Never will I forget the sound, the smell, and the looks of the town that I once called home. Come friend, let me show you where I was raised."
CITY BUILDER Send your players through gloomy alleys within mysterious districts
You have tried and tested your RPG party in countless dungeons and battles? Let them explore neighborhoods and cities, and protect villagers from dangerous invaders. Or send them on a journey to sniff out the dark secret of a vast city flourishing with travelers and trade.

The innovative DUNGEONFOG core mechanics can be beautifully adapted to draw entire city maps with just a few clicks.

The citybuilder coherently assembles sections according to archetypes, e.g. poor human district or elvish administrative quarters, and harmoniously sets housing structures, squares and parks.

Each house is equipped with its own automatically generated GM-notes, including residents per house, construction costs, etc. and will be used to create note-based outlines for your cities. As is customary for DUNGEONFOG map editors, notes can always be edited and expanded.

Every section can be set to a specific archetype, that will affect the random asset-pool for buildings:

  • Poor
  • Average
  • Rich
  • Merchants
  • Homes
  • Administration
  • Dwarven
  • Elvish
  • Human
  • etc.
concept of creating districts

Plan settlements with just a few clicks
At any time, landmarks and buildings can be placed manually. Temples, markets, towers, etc. can be planted precisely where you want them to be. The remaining space can then be filled with buildings based on the selected archetype of the section.

Each building, square and street can be mapped out in as much detail as you desire and require, including battle and dungeon maps. Let your imagination guide you without boundaries!

We are dedicated to make our city builder the perfect symbiosis between artistic freedom and time saving auto generation.

Thus, we have asked Guy Scalanders from How to be a great GM to join forces on this project and let the experience of a trained game master and storyteller guide your way.

We have also asked Mark, a.k.a. Caeora from Blue Sword Games, to help us with the art work and assets. The assets will not only be created in his beautiful unique style, but will also pay attention to scaling & line art, so that every city you create will always look stunning - whether you play digitally or export them in high resolution.

But - to quote Guy - this is just the first layer of the onion!
Find the next clue and reveal what else PROJECT DEIOS is offering!