"It was not the hidden treasures I unearthed, nor the forgotten secrets I unveiled - it was the companionship of my fellow wanderers that made my journey unforgettable."
COMMUNITY Wherever you go, there’s no need to walk alone!

Building an entire world from scratch might seem a tiny bit intimidating sometimes. With the community maps feature, you can form creative alliances and collaborate on your storytelling endeavors. You can also share your worlds or use and adapt maps from fellow game masters. There is no need to hide your creativity away - be proud and enrich multiple adventures with your ideas!

Join a community full of stories and creation
The three pillars of DUNGEONFOG have always been “Plan - Create - SHARE”. We will stay true to our core functionalities, even while we are tearing down conventional boundaries and expanding our scope to make effortless world creation a reality.

A great advantage of the innovative DUNGEONFOG map making toolset is the simple but crucial feature that every object, entity and map stays perpetually editable and can be reused and even shared. This enables game master, storytellers and RPG enthusiasts to collaborate, exchange feedback and help improve each others worlds. You can draw from each others creativity by using community maps, adapt them to your story’s needs and make your own original ideas accessible to others.

Collaboration opportunities
We will even go a step further and explore how we can make collaboration between multiple authors on shared maps a possibility. Collaboration is not just working together on one map - but also using other users’ maps to add to your own stories. Discovering a beautiful world map will spark new ideas and with PROJECT DEIOS, you will have the platform to add your own creative stories to existing maps as part of community MODs where different stories unfold.

Bring your entire party to participate
PROJECT DEIOS is not only conceptualized to bring game masters closer together and enable collaboration between them. In our endeavor to tear down conventional boundaries, we also want to shine a light on players and party members and involve them in the creative process. We want players to add their notes or questions to locations on a world map, be able to track their routes and plan their adventures, as well as adding journal entries to record discoveries and epic events worth remembering. When engaging the entire party in a story, a fog-of-war feature will enable game masters to gradually reveal their vast creations and delve into the discovery process.

World Anvil integration
Our partner World Anvil brings a lot of experience with collaboration features to the table. Drawing on their expertise, we will develop a permission based co-authoring, commenting and sharing system. Simultaneously, we have a keen eye on the smooth technical connection between DUNGEONFOG and World Anvil. We will start with basic integration features, like accessibility of DUNGEONFOG maps while editing a world in World Anvil, or access to your written world descriptions as a resource while creating maps in the DUNGEONFOG editor. We will also pay attention to the functionality of pins: Creating locations will auto-generate pins, and therefore, redundant manual pinning will not be necessary. In addition, we are exploring many ways to integrate World Anvil’s Heros with PROJECT DEIOS. For example, our player viewer could be integrated with Heros, so that all party members know their location at all times, or the location of the main villain.

Easy collaboration
With the communities from DUNGEONFOG, World Anvil and GreatGamemaster, you have a thriving community of map makers, storytellers, writers and game masters at your disposal. This makes sharing resources as easy as never before. A thriving community also enables you to both cheer for great maps by others and draw motivation from users that used your work.

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