"I considered myself a traveller. Surveying the endless lands beneath, I realize I’ve barely left home."
WORLD MAPS Let your players test their strength across continents to find unexplored terrain

Your jolly bunch of adventurers thinks they are ready to venture out into the unexplored vastness? With PROJECT DEIOS, you can escort them on a journey across the shoals of unforgiving seas to entire new continents, the likes of which have never been explored before.

PROJECT DEIOS combines all your ideas, detailed maps and concepts for continents into one giant map model. Through clever segmentation and the gradual increase of detail complexity depending on zoom and selection, your world creation is a stable, coherent concept without boundaries.

Advanced export functions
The innovative DUNGEONFOG core mechanics ensure that each region can be selected, viewed and exported separately, including all contained landmarks and linked maps. The scales are automatically adjusted to fit your viewport and level of zoom.

Political borders can easily be drawn - the DUNGEONFOG core functions circumvent unwanted overlaps and neatly translate all attributes to practical and editable game master notes.

Climate zones, water currents and other characteristics are effortlessly added with easy-to-use brushes. Each feature stays continuously editable, allowing you to change whatever you want as your story progresses.

Each landmark you place on your creation is automatically attributed its individual location. PROJECT DEIOS stores all locations, landmarks and properties in a geospatial data model, which allows your creativity to venture out endlessly because map sizes are almost unlimited.

“Our vision is simple: We want to help game masters and storytellers focus on their story, while they create a living, breathing, interconnected map system for their narratives. To do so, we will tear down existing boundaries and create a complex authoring tool that connects levels of mapmaking that were previously incompatible”,
explains Till Lammer, Founder and CEO of DUNGEONFOG.

Janet Forbes, Founder and CEO of WorldAnvil, adds: “Storytelling aspects have often been neglected in mapmaking software - we’re finally going to change all that, with a tool that serves the complete needs of worldbuilders!”

It is a special pleasure to announce that we have teamed up with World Anvil for this project.

PROJECT DEIOS will offer full integration into World Anvil, enabling you to incorporate your cities, regions and world maps directly into your WA articles.

You have come a long way now, traveller - but you haven’t reached the end yet! There is still more to discover - you need to solve the next clue to go on!