"Ancient tales warned me of the dangers beyond the flickering portal. Never had I dreamt of the wonders - and terrors - awaiting me."
PORTALS Don’t stop at world creation - make it an entire universe!

Don’t let your imagination be tied to the material world. PROJECT DEIOS is conceptualized to transcend the known physical realms and allows for portals and beams into different planes of existence.

Special thanks go to https://www.deviantart.com/ishutani and https://www.artstation.com/shahabalizadeh for providing us with the additional artworks!

PROJECT DEIOS provides a coherent toolset for RPG game masters and storytellers. Your imagination is translated into beautifully conceptualized and intelligently built maps. Those maps are not restricted by conventional boundaries, so why should the Prime Material stop your storyline from crossing into other planes of existence?

Obliterating creative restrictions
Our vision is to create a set of tools that facilitates all your creative ideas and helps storytellers and game masters to visualize their original and adapted concepts. In contrast to conventional map making software, our toolset is designed to be infinitely expandable to include manifold settings and styles. Therefore, PROJECT DEIOS will be able to support even the most fantastic creative ideas, rather than forcing storytellers and game masters to adapt their narration to the limitations of a conventional toolset.

Import your own maps and assets
We will constantly grow our asset library with new assets. textures and biomes. But can there ever be enough assets? Many of you are already well established world builders and you might already have assets at your hand that you would like to continue using in PROJECT DEIOS. You can import your own assets, organize them in custom sets and save modifications like color, hue and saturation to each prop.

But we don’t want to stop there: Many of you will already have created world maps, regions and cities in other tools. So we are going to offer a way to import maps as background image and use them as canvas for your worldbuilding in PROJECT DEIOS.

PROJECT DEIOS is conceptualized to evolve and grow infinitely. As the project matures, more and more unique worlds will be available by continuously expanding the available art styles for different elements of the map making tools:

  • Props and assets
  • Biomes
  • Textures
  • Color palettes
  • Archetypes
  • Buildings
  • and more

The first project will touch on the Feywild and include biomes designed to depict fantastic forests and the magical traits of the plane of Faerie, but we will not restrict us to fantasy realms. SciFi, ancient asia, or modern assets will also be part of PROJECT DEIOS.

Even multiple planes of existence are not enough for you? Do you want to find out more about PROJECT DEIOS and the possibilities it holds? Find the next clue and unlock another section!